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    • The 2nd Pan-African cultural festival in Algeria. (August, 2009)
    • Chosen as a guest of honor from Ethiopia on the 78th international festival in (September, 2009)
    • Represented Ethiopia in a cultural festival in German, Munich through GOETHE institute. (July, 2011)
    • Represented Ethiopia side-by-side with W/r Tadelech from Ministry of Culture and Tourism in Leipzig, Germany.
    • Represented Ethiopia’s fashion at Houston Texas on the celebration of the discovery of LUCY.
    • Showcased a fashion show in Las Vegas, USA representing and promoting Ethiopian culture.

                    Sewasew Hailu is an Ethiopian based fashion designer who founded Sewasew Design in 2007. Most of her life work has been promoting Ethiopian tradition and culture through clothing. Just to mention a few, Sewasew Hailu has represented Ethiopia in the following stages..

    • On her legendary dress that demonstrated Ethiopia’s traditional, she was invited to show-case her cloth in an international Coffee conference in Houston Texas.

  • Show cased a fashion show in the great Palace of Ethiopia for the Copenhagen climate change conference.
  • She show-cased countless fashion shows within Ethiopia, most of which was in support of empowering women and charity events for children and elderly.

                Sewasew Hailu was an active participant of charity work and women empowerment conferences. She was an active supporter of the NGO Merry Joy and was funding 5 children to finish their education. She also served as a judge and designer for the modeling competition of Miss-Ethiopia. She has served as an ambassador to her country Ethiopia and the core of her business is promoting Ethiopian culture and empowering others, especially women through her company.